The Classlist Tool shows all of the students (and instructors, designers, teaching assistants, etc.) that have access to your course. It is an unofficial class roll. GoSolar is the OFFICIAL classroll.

The Classlist is updated nightly according to enrollment data coming from GoSolar. While it is possible for instructors to manually add students to the classlist, we STRONGLY encourage you to allow the automatic process that runs nightly to manage student enrollment/unenrollment in the iCollege class.

The classlist can be helpful for sending mail to students more efficiently than using the Mail Tool.

Watch the following tutorial to learn more about the Classlist tool. (Please Note: It also includes information on a feature called Instant Message which is NOT available at GSU.)


Watch the next tutorial to learn how to add people to your course via the Classlist Tool.  Keep in mind that the video may show features that are not available at GSU.  Check out GSU’s guidelines and process for adding participants.



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