Creating a Quiz

The Quiz Tool can be used to create quizzes, tests, or exams.  Most types questions you add to a quiz can be graded automatically with the exception of the written response type.  The written response question type is used for essay-style questions.  It will require an instructor or teaching assistant to grade.

The Quiz Tool offers a variety of different types of questions—most of which can be automatically graded when a student submits their quiz.  Questions types that can be auto-graded include True/False, Multiple Choice, Multi-Select, Matching, Ordering, and Fill in the Blanks.  The Written Response question type can be used for essay or long-form free response questions.  The Written Response Question type is not auto-graded.

The Quiz Tool includes features such as

  • displaying one question per page
  • no returning to a question that has already been answered
  • time limits
  • randomization of answer choices
  • shuffling of question order
  • question pools that pull random questions to display to each student

In some cases, you can work with your textbook vendor to obtain a test bank that can be imported into the iCollege Question Library.  The Question Library can be used as a database of questions that you can use to add questions to a quiz/test/exam.  The advantage of a Question Library is it makes it easy for you to create question pools that randomly display questions on a quiz/test/exam to students.

The Quiz Tool can also be used to set special accommodations for students who have worked with the GSU Access and Accommodation Center.

Watch the following tutorial to learn more about the quiz tool.

The following link will provide step by step instructions on how to create a quiz in iCollege.

Quiz Question Library

The quiz library allows you to create, organize and reuse questions for quizzes and other assessments such as surveys and self assessments. The quiz library allows you to develop questions FIRST and then creating a quiz (test or exam) that will use those questions.

Watch the following tutorial to learn more about the Question Library.

Quiz Question Types

The Question Library has several question types available to allow you to create best assess your students. The most popular question types available are:

  • True or False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multi-Select
  • Written Response
  • Short Answer
  • Multi-Short Answer
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Matching

Watch the following tutorial to learn more about the question types available in the Quiz tool.

Learn more about Question Types


Populating a Quiz from Question Library

Once you have created a Question Library, you can use those questions to create a quiz. Questions in the library can be used for multiple quizzes.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to populate a quiz from the Question Library.

Randomized Quiz Questions

Randomized questions allow you to create a unique set of questions to individual learners.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to create randomized questions for a quiz.

Adding a Quiz to the Grade book

In order for the quiz to count towards your students grade in iCollege, it must be linked to the grade book.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to associate a quiz with the grade book.

Submission View

Submission views control what a student sees after they submit a quiz.  The default view does not allow students to see the questions nor how they answered the questions on a quiz after they submit.  You can set up additional views that will allow students to view questions and other feedback after a certain date.



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