Creating an Assignment

Typically, when we think assessments we think of a quiz, test, or exam but we can use the iCollege Assignment Tool to allow our students to submit papers, case studies, presentations, speeches, recordings, and videos.

The Assignment Tool allows students to submit (attach and upload) files such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.  It can also be used to allow students to embed video and audio files that they have created or uploaded to their Kaltura My Media account.   The Assignment Tool can include rubrics to help you assess student submissions.  As an alternative to the standard iCollege rubrics and assignment markup features, Turnitin, integrated with the Assignment Tool, offers plagiarism detection along with Grademark’s rubrics features.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to create an assignment.

To create an Assignment:

  1. From the course navigation bar, click Assessments.
  2. Click New Submission Folder.
  3. In the New Submission Folder window, in the Name field give the assignment folder a name.
  4. Choose a Folder Type: Choose Individual or Group submission. The individual option will allow for the assessment of each student while the group option evaluates multiple students in one assessment. To use the group option, you will have to first create a group from your course Assessments menu item (Note: once this is chosen it cannot be changed for that assignment, the assignment will have to be recreated)
  5. Select or create a Grade Item, which is where the assignment scores will be sent in the grade book.
  6. In the Out Of field, add a maximum score for the assignment.
  7. If appropriate, add or create a Rubric to assess the assignment.
  8. In the Instructions, enter any necessary instructions.
  9. Attach files that might be needed for the student to complete the assignment

Assignment Restrictions

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to add restrictions to an assignment.

The Restrictions tab:

  1. Uncheck the box that says Hidden from Users (even with the box unchecked, students will not be able to
  2. submit anything until the Start Date.  The assignment will NOT automatically become visible on the start date.)
  3. Check the box next to  Has Start Date. Enter a start date (first day they can view or submit the assignment)
  4. Check the box next to Has Due Date  (date the assignment is due),
  5. Check the box next to Has End Date (end date if you are going to take late work).
  1. assignment restriction tab

Associating an Assignment in the Grade book

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to link an assignment to the grade book.

Turnitin Plagiarism Settings

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to enable Turnitin plagiarism checker.



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