Adding Video Content

While the videos can be from various sources, we strongly encourage you to use Kaltura to ensure that any video you add to your course is captioned.

For content that you create, you can use the iCollege -integrated platform, KalturaKaltura is a media hosting platform, a video creation platform, and captioning service all rolled into one convenient system.

You can create and caption videos directly using Kaltura:

  • KalturaCapture- to capture content on your computer screen as well as audio (some refer to this as voice-over PowerPoint or screen recordings).
  • Webcam Recordings- use the webcam and a microphone to record yourself (some refer to this as “talking head” videos).
  • Upload- videos that are created using other software or devices can be uploaded.

To create videos using Kaltura review this documentation.

If you choose to incorporate videos from YouTube or other sources you will need to ensure that the content is captioned prior to adding it to a content module.

As a recommendation, you should not add video directly to a module as its own content item.  The better method is to Create a (HTML) File and insert the video into the file.  This method allows you to provide context to the video.


Best Practices

  • Check all machine captioning for accuracy.
  • Chunk videos into smaller more consumable units.
  • Provide context to the video to situate the learner.


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