Logging into iCollege

To start using iCollege, open a supported web browser on your device.  For the best experience setting up your course, CETLOE suggests using a laptop or desktop computer.  iCollege is a responsive website, which means it is is accessible on a mobile device without requiring an app download.

Login to get started:

  1. Navigate to the iCollege website  http://icollege.gsu.edu.
  2. Click Log in to iCollege.
  3. Enter your CampusID Username and Password.
  4. Click Login.
Click CampusID Login button to access iCollege.
Note: If you are new to Georgia State University, you may not have access to iCollege until 24 to 72 hours after you have activated your CampusID. If you are a new instructor and your paperwork is going to take some time to process, please contact the IIT Technology Service Desk, 404-413-4357 or help@gsu.edu, and request a temporary affiliate account.



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