Posting an Announcement

Announcements are used in iCollege by the instructor to communicate information to students. At their core, they should be short and simple items that fulfill one or more of the following:

  • provide important update information on changes to the course content or schedule
  • remind students about upcoming assignments
  • provide students with tips on how to successfully complete course activities
  • encourage or praise for exemplary student work

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to create an announcement in iCollege.

To create an announcement:

  1. Click on the Announcements widget title on the course homepage.
  2. Click New Announcement.
  3. Type the Headline and Content for your announcement in the designated boxes. You can use the HTML editor to format the text of your announcement, add links to specific content, etc.
  4. If desired, select a Start Date and an End Date for the announcement.
  5. Click Publish.
Announcements location image

You can also personalize announcements to automatically include a student’s name using replacement strings and delete/restore announcements.

Using Replacement Strings

Watch the following tutorials to learn how to use replacement stings and delete/restore announcements.

Additional information on replacement strings for announcements

Delete and Restore Announcements

View the following tutorial to get tips on how to delete and otherwise manage announcements.


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