Using the Grade Book

Items in iCollege, such as assignments, discussions, and quizzes can be linked to the grade book. The grading system you select for your course will determine how grade items contribute to students’ final grade in the grade book.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to setup a grade book in iCollege.

Grade book Setup

The grade book can be setup to handle weighted or points-based grading systems.  It can also be used to store grades for activities that do NOT have a digital component such as in-class speeches or group work.

Watch the following tutorials to learn how to configure, enter grades, and release grades to students.

Entering Grades


Creating a Category in the Grade book


Creating a Grade Scheme


Create Grade Exemptions


Release Final Grades



Best Practices

  • Align your graded items to the activities listed on your syllabus.
  • Use categories to organize your grade book.



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