This screenshot shows the Webex interface in iCollege.

Webex allows instructors to schedule live meetings with students in iCollege. Benefits of Webex meetings in iCollege include:

  • Instructors can use video, audio, and screen sharing to deliver content to students who can respond using video and audio.
  • Instructors can record their Webex meetings for students to review at a later time.
  • Instructors can offer office hours through Webex in iCollege which allows students to schedule one-on-one meetings.

Visit the knowledge base for more information on getting started with Webex in iCollege.


Best Practices

  • Setup your room to mute all sound on entry.
  • Verify participants can hear you and see what you see on the screen.
  • Record your meeting to post later for students who could not attend
  • Check the Chat panel for questions/comments during the session.
  • Close with key points and reminders.


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